2016 Australian Senior Sides Championship

by Team BV

Victoria have retained the men’s National Senior Sides Championship – but have done so in the most nail-biting fashion possible.
The Victorian Over 60s won six of their seven matches in the 2016 tournament at Osborne Park Bowling Club, Perth, and their overall title victory came down to the very end of their last match.
After a loss to host state WA in the morning, Victoria had to win their final match against NSW and win two of their three rinks to defend their title.
They won the match by a single shot, and Ian Ross (Bendigo) and David Donaldson (Moonee Valley) posted rink wins to secure Victoria the overall championship by one rink point, as they were tied with South Australia on overall points.
Ross’ rink of Philip Thorn (City of Echuca), Rod Nicholson (Lilydale) and Barry Anset (Bendigo) were undefeated in their seven matches in an amazing achievement.
Victoria’s women finished third overall with five wins and two losses from their seven matches, with Queensland winning the title.
Victoria now holds the men’s National Senior Sides Championship and the National Sides Championship after the Vic men’s win in the Alley Shield in April.

Results from Osborne Park BC, WA

Day 1

Victoria v Queensland

David Donaldson 18-15
Ian Ross 25-19
Ray Jansen 19-18
Total:  Victoria 62 d Queensland 52
Gayle Edwards 16-24
Sandra Connolly 9-27
Anne Miles 25-15
Total:  Victoria 50 lost to Queensland 66

Day 2

Victoria v South Australia
David Donaldson 26-27
Ian Ross 23-13
Ray Jansen 16-21
Total: Victoria 65 d SA 61
Gayle Edwards 16-15
Sandra Connolly 21-17
Anne Miles 16-22
Total: Victoria 53 lost to SA 54

Victoria v Northern Territory

David Donaldson 21-15
Ian Ross 23-14
Ray Jansen 28-14

Total: Victoria 72 d NT 43
Gayle Edwards 21-19
Sandra Connolly 24-13
Anne Miles 22-11
Total: Victoria 67 d NT 45

Day 3

Victoria v ACT

David Donaldson 31-12
Ian Ross 31-13
Ray Jansen 32-15
Total: Victoria 94 d ACT 40
Gayle Edwards 24-13
Sandra Connolly 24-13
Anne Miles 22-15
Total: Victoria 70 d ACT 41 

Victoria v Tasmania
David Donaldson. 20-14
Ian Ross 26-11
Ray Jansen 20-15
Total: Victoria 66 d Tas 41


Gayle Edwards 25-16
Sandra Connolly 19-26
Anne Miles 20-20
Total: Victoria 64 d TAS 62

Day 4


Victoria v WA
David Donaldson 18-19
Ian Ross 20-18
Ray Jansen 14-17
Total: Victoria 52 lost to WA 54

Gayle Edwards 23-11
Sandra Connolly 15-20
Anne Miles 20-20
Total: Victoria 58 d WA 51

Victoria v NSW

David Donaldson 21-18
Ian Ross 22-17
Ray Jansen 14-21
Victoria 57 d NSW 56

Gayle Edwards 28-18
Sandra Connolly 12-22
Anne Miles 21-18
Victoria d NSW 61-58

Full results, ladder via Bowls Australia
Main image plus some gallery shots courtesy Bowls WA