Play Bowls Month – for family and friends

by Team BV

An interesting fact for all bowlers. Did you know 59% of Victorian bowlers* started playing the sport because they were introduced to it by family or friends?
So if you club is running a Play Bowls Month event, there’s no better advertisement than you for how great a sport bowls is.
Bring your family, or bring a friend or two to your club’s Play Bowls Month event or Come and Try Day, and get them involved.
And if you’ve ever thought about playing bowls but haven’t got around to it, here’s your chance.
You can find a list of more than 150 Play Bowls Month events here, so there’s sure to be one near you at a date and time to suit you and your friends or family.
Play Bowls Month is proudly supported by VicHealth, Bowls Victoria, and our charity partner MOVE muscle, bone and joint health.
Many clubs will be fundraising for MOVE at their Play Bowls Month events, to help the one in three Victorians who suffer with muscle, bone or joint issues.
You can find out more about MOVE’s great work here
* Statistic from Bowls Victoria Member Survey conducted June 2016