Vic Country beat SA Development 4-0

by Team BV

The strength of regional Victorian bowls was apparent as a Vic Country selection produced clean sweeps in both 2016 men’s and women’s Test series against a South Australian Development Squad in Mildura.
Players in the Victorian team were hand-picked from Goulburn Valley, Bendigo Campaspe, Swan Hill, Mildura, Murray Mallee and Sunraysia areas, and featured State players like Brad Orr and Andrew Brown, mixed with young stars Brody Harker and Emma Simmonds and several of the 2016 Women’s Region Sides Championship-winning Bendigo Campaspe team..

Day one featured solid wins to the Victorian side, spearheaded by skip Brad Orr’s rink in the men’s and Roma Opie’s four in the women’s.
And the Vics had victory sealed on day two of the three-day event – Opie’s rink registering a big 41-9 ladies’ win to lead the women to a 47-shot overall triumph.
Eventually the Vic Country selection triumphed 4-0 in both Test series.
Overall best performed rinks were Ryan Tainton (s), Aaron Tomkins, Liam Crapper and Leigh Manning in the men’s, and Opie’s rink of Helen Clough, Dianne Gardner and State Under 18 starlet Simmonds.

Men’s Results
4 Test Win by Victorian Country Representative Side
Test 1 – Men’s Results 
D Keenan 28 def D Glasbrook 26
B Orr 31 def C Flavel 15
M Smith 14 def by A Whiley 24
R Tainton 19 def A Cock 16
Vic Country 98 def SA Dev Squad 81
Test 2 – Men’s Results 
B Orr 27 def A Cock 11
M Smith 15 def by D Glazbrook 17
R Tainton 20 def C Flavell 19
D Keenan 17 def by A Whiley 20
Vic Country 79 def SA Dev Squad 67
Test 3 – Men’s Results 
M Smith 23 def A Cock 12
R Tainton 20 def A Whiley 15
D Keenan 26 def C Flavel 18
B Orr 16 def by D Glazbrook 21
Vic Country 85 def SA Dev Squad 66
Test 4 – Men’s Results 
R Tainton 23 def D Glazbrook 15
D Keenan 24 def A Cock 11
B Orr 20 def by A Whiley 28
M Smith 22 def C Flavel 19
Vic Country 98 def SA Dev Squad 81
Best Performed Rink 4 Wins + 17 Shots
Ryan Tainton (s) 
Aaron Tomkins
Liam Crapper
Leigh Manning
Ladies Results
4 Test Win by Victorian Country Representative Side
Test 1 – Ladies Results 
R Opie 25 def M Tumbas 13
J Fairchild 11 def by R Heitmann 22
S Howes 29 def Y Kelly 16
Vic Country 65 def SA Dev Squad 51
Test 2 – Ladies Results 
S Howes 17 def by R Heitmann 18
R Opie 41 def Y Kelly 9
J Fairchild 34 def M Tumbas 18
Vic Country 92 def SA Dev Squad 45
Test 3 – Ladies Results 
J Fairchild 17 def by Y Kelly 26
S Howes 24 def M Tumbas 18
R Opie 22 def R Heitmann 13
Vic Country 63 def SA Dev Squad 57
Test 4 – Ladies Results 
R Opie 17 tied M Tumbas 17
J Fairchild 23 def R Heitmann 20
S Howes 22 def Y Kelly 17
Vic Country 62 def SA Dev Squad 54
Best Performed Rink 3.5 Wins + 53 Shots
Roma Opie (s) 
Helen Clough
Dianne Gardner
Emma Simmonds