Croydon BC celebrates long and hard

by Team BV

2015-16 has been an exciting year for Croydon bowlers.
The club has achieved what many thought was impossible by making the Premier Division for the 2016-17 pennant season. A remarkable achievement for the small club located at the base of the Dandenongs in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.
The finals were an unbelievable journey for the club. They finished 3rd in Division 1, Section 2 and all games from then on were eliminations. Victories against Mulgrave Country Club, Fitzroy Victoria and Bundoora Bowls Club resulted in an epic game of bowls against MCC 1 for the Division 1 Pennant white flag.
The final was played at Doncaster Bowling Club. On an excellent green Croydon bowlers saved their best for last and were victorious against MCC 1 by 5 shots. The celebrations at the club are still going on as the magnitude of their achievement is still a great topic of conversation.
The team members were: R Green Jr, R Purdey, D Grimshaw, R Green Sr; M Creighton, M Troster, R Waghorn, S Bullas; M O’Halloran, P Tirant, G Matthews, M Brown; J Dixon, G Kirk, M Henderson, G Orr; M Mannik, J Henderson. Manager: G McCluskey.
The Tuesday Division 1 premiership was also an exciting time for the club as the journey to win the flag is much longer given that there are eight sections in Division 1.
Croydon defeated Ringwood, Heathmont, Keysborough and Middle Park Bowls Clubs before playing Bundoora at Mitcham in the final. The team played exceptionally well and won convincingly.
The winning team members were: M Creighton, M Brown, G Gaspero, S Bullas; G Kirk, A Elliott, G Matthews, D McIntyre; J Dixon, M Henderson, G Orr, M Sudborough, R Brown.

The 2015/16 Pennant season has been a season to remember for the Croydon Bowling Club – success on the green as well as a happy club run by President John Dixon, ably assisted by a supportive board.