Super Dome Series offers new bowls concept

by Team BV

A brand new bowls competition that introduces several exciting rules is set to launch.
Ballarat District Bowls Division (BDBD) is thrilled to announce the Super Dome Series, which will commence on April 14 and run for eight weeks at Sebastopol Bowling Club under cover of the club’s roofed dome.
Concepts such as sets, tiebreakers, power plays and jacks being automatically placed are among the new rules on offer.
For the 2016 edition 16 teams, placed into geographical conferences and divisions, will compete in the Super Dome Series.
A five-week regular season will see matches played against division and conference opponents before a three-week post-season tournament will crown the inaugural Super Dome Series champion.
BDBD Chairman Ross Jones said the competition would provide great opportunities for the sport.
“The Super Dome Series enables further development and marketing of the game in the Ballarat region.” Jones said.
“Players will be given an alternative competition in a state of the art facility under the dome.”
In addition the BDBD is pleased to announce the appointment of Scot Nicholson to hold the newly created role of Super Dome Series Operations Manager.
Nicholson holds a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies), Graduate Certificate in Journalism, Media and Communications and is currently studying a Diploma of Business Administration.
Nicholson has an extensive knowledge of the sport of bowls through many years of playing and administering the game.
He is the current BDBD Assistant Secretary and has been President of Ballan Bowling Club for the past two years.
All matches during the Super Dome Series will be played on Thursday nights at 7pm.
– Each conference is based on geographical location and the divisions are balanced for
strength of opponents.
– The names of divisions aim to reflect the location of teams within them.
Eastern Conference
Metropolitan Division
City Oval
Mount Xavier

Moorabool Division

Western Conference
Central Division
Ballarat Memorial Sports
Central Wendouree
Sebastopol Blue

Goldfields Division
Sebastopol Gold

The season lasts a total of eight weeks and the structure consists of the following formula:
Regular Season
• During the regular season each team plays 5 games.
• Teams play 3 games in their own division.
• 1 game against a team in the other division from their own conference
– Metropolitan v Moorabool & Central v Goldfields.
• 1 game against a team in the other conference
– Metropolitan v Central & Moorabool v Goldfields.

• 4 teams from each conference qualify for the playoffs
– The 2 division winners and the 2 wild cards (2 teams with the next best
records in each conference regardless of division).
• Round 1: The top-ranked team in the conference plays against the lowestranked
wild card (1 v 4), while the other division winner plays against the
higher ranked wild card (2 v 3) in the Conference Semi Finals.
• Round 2: The Conference Semi Final winners play each other in the
Conference Championships.
• Round 3: The Eastern Conference and Western Conference Champions play
each other in the Super Dome Series Championship.