From Head Office

by Team BV

– By Bowls Victoria President John Fisher OAM
I’m pleased to announce the dates have been set for the 2016 Victorian Open.
This year’s Vic Open will be held from November 5 to 11 – once more in the Greater Shepparton area.
The event falls in the same week as it did last year and will run from the Saturday after the Melbourne Cup to the following Friday, which is the day finals will be played.
It is important to note that no Pennant competition will be played anywhere in Victoria during the week of the Vic Open. As the governing body of the sport, Bowls Victoria is firm on this.
This is to give all bowlers the opportunity to compete in a great event without restriction.
We want to give full precedence to the Vic Open during this time. It’s a club bowlers’ event. We want as many people as possible to take part in it.
Last year we had a record 1,248 entries, and we are confident of exceeding this number in 2016.
Certainly last year’s event was the best ever, made possible by Bowls Victoria’s strong relationship with Greater Shepparton City Council and the great work of our organisers, and all our host venues.
State Champions Week is getting close – and this year’s event will be held from April 16 to 22 in Bendigo.
It’s a very important tournament as it recognises the individual achievements of all the Region winners. It’s a great honour to represent your Region and it’s an even bigger honour to win the State title.
The bowls that take place during the week of this event are of an extremely high standard. The greens at Bendigo East attribute to the players showcasing all of their skills and displaying the traits of many of the best bowlers from across the State.
It’s also a great spectator opportunity for those who like good bowls.
The results weren’t quite what we hoped for in our Test series against New South Wales at Mulgrave Country Club, but there’s been some top-class bowls from some of the sport’s best.
Fair to say we’ve been well and truly outclassed in the men’s. NSW have bowled absolutely superbly in the Tests.
But our women had a terrific tussle in the second Test.
It got down to the last bowl before deciding New South Wales was going to win rather than it being a draw.
Our Under 25 men have won the series, and our congratulations to them on two days of great bowls.
The twilight Test was a terrific concept. We had a very big crowd during the day, and again at night. It’s a terrific opportunity for working people to come and see the best bowlers on display.
Given NSW have a large proportion of the Australian squad playing for them, it’s a rare opportunity for Victorians to see them play in our own backyard and we were pleased to be able to provide it for those who attended, with the support and wonderful organisation of Mulgrave Country Club.