Mixing it up in the mixed pairs

by Team BV

It’s a team-building exercise. Literally.
Those who know Victorian Open tournament director Barb Gilbert know that she is a marvel at putting together teams for the various disciplines of the event.
Nowhere does Barb work her magic more than in the mixed pairs section of the tournament, where she tops up more teams than the AFL draft.
Take Frank Watson and Gail McKenzie. Neither had met before the Open. Both were without partners for the mixed pairs.
So Frank, one of the best-known characters from host venue Shepparton Park BC and “Gail from Sale” – as the Sale Golf player is known to so many in the bowls community, were teamed up several weeks ago by Barb to play the mixed pairs.
They met for the first time this week.
Internationally-known bowls coach Lachlan Tighe was also without a mixed pairs partner. As was Lakes Entrance BC’s Margaret Brandhoj. They were also teamed up by Barb.
For Margaret, a leading identity in the Gippsland bowls fraternity, it also means a chance to enjoy a few matches with one of the pre-eminent coaches in the game, and perhaps pick up some advice along the way.
The mixed pairs commences on Tuesday, November 10, with the last 16 on Wednesday, and finals Thursday and Friday.
You’ll find the mixed pairs results as they come in, plus the draw here