Armed Vics spearhead NZ touring party

by Team BV

Nine of Victoria’s national champion Bowlers Arm team will spearhead an Australian touring party to help promote the development of the sport in New Zealand next year.
The promotional 10-day tour in May 2016, featuring six games against New Zealand non-arm bowlers, is aimed at stimulating interest in developing a New Zealand arm bowling side capable of competing in an expanded Australian national championships. 
Announcing the Victorian members included in the squad, Bowls Victoria’s arm bowling co-ordinator Phil Gude said: “This is a bold move designed to create interest by our close neighbour New Zealand in the use of arm devices to keep people playing our great sport.”
The Victorians in the touring party are Barry Anset, Ray Arnold, Doug Corrigan, Harry Dahllof, Phil Gude, Tony Long, Ann Power, Adele Ryan and Lee Wesley.
The remaining 11 players come from NSW, SA and Queensland.
Mr Gude said: “My hope is this will help bond the leaders of Australian states that participate in our National Arm Championships as well as help to promote development in New Zealand because as successful as it is, we are in the early stages yet with the possibilities of arm device playing.”