Over 60s National Championships – Day 2 Report

by Team BV

Mixed Results for Vics on Day Two of the Over 60’s National Championships
It’s been a mixed bag for the Victorian Over 60’s teams at North Launceston BC, Tasmania today for both the Men’s and Women’s teams in their National Championships.
Never an easy task, the two teams both took on New South Wales this morning and it was the women who returned an excellent all rinks up win over New South Wales 72-43. All three rinks combined well to over-power their opponents from the start of the match and secure their second win from as many starts.
It was a different story for the men as they had their colours lowered by a very polished New South Wales men’s team who had an answer for everything the Victorians could throw at them. With only one rink able to take a point off the New South Welshmen the nine shot difference at the end may have flattered the Victorians as they went down trying their best 44-53.
The afternoon matches for both teams against Western Australia were never going to be easy either, such is the standard of players competing in this event and it was the women’s turn to be on the receiving end as they were humbled 46-56 with one rink only able to claim a win over their opponents as the WA girls secured their first win of the event.
Currently the Victoria Women are running third in the Championships with 4 points and 7 rink wins (+38 shots). Queensland leads the women’s event with 6 points and 6 rink wins (+26 shots) with South Australia in second place with 4 points and 7 rink wins (+62 shots). Victoria plays South Australia tomorrow (pm) and then has to face Queensland on Thursday morning, so their fate is virtually in their own hands.
It was a welcome return to the winner’s circle for the men in their afternoon game with Western Australia as they needed this win to stay in touch with the field. With two rinks up against WA who were undefeated coming into this round, it was a great effort from the Victorian team to reassert their presence in the event with a 68-58 win and cause a log-jam on the leader’s board.
The Victorian men are sitting in third position in the event with 4 points and 6 rink wins (+22 shots), one shot behind Western Australia in second place on 4 points and 6 rink wins (+23 shots). New South Wales are undefeated in top spot in the event with 6 points and 7 rink wins (+56 shots). It’ll only take an upset win over the NSW Blues to hopefully see the Victorians seize their opportunity, provided they can keep their afternoon form from today at the forefront of their challenge.
All the rink scores are available by clicking here where you’ll be taken to the official results pages.