Lighthouse clubs – Stawell Bowling Club

by Team BV

There are a lot of different things that contribute to the success of a club – the ideas, the planning, the delivery and the people involved.
Although there’s no one answer as to what makes a program or a club successful, Stawell BC showed for them that it’s their people, their volunteers that help make the club a success.
Stawell and its volunteers have been involved in hosting the Stawell Regional All Abilities Bowls Day for the better part of five years, and with the support of Mallee Sports Assembly, Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly and Sports Central have contributed to a fantastic, inclusive and accessible program. Disability service providers and specialist schools all across western Victoria come to take part in the day.
The 2015 incarnation saw 76 keen bowlers, carers, and coaches take to the green to play a range of bowls games and modified activities.
Volunteers from Stawell BC were on hand all day to fill the many roles that go into hosting and running such a day.
Teams of volunteers manned the greens, the kitchen and the barbecue. Providing assistance to bowlers, many of whom were trying the sport for the first time; catering for everyone for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea; and ensuring the sausages, burgers and chicken skewers were all cooked to perfection.
It’s not just the fact that the volunteers from the club turned up, as they have done for a number of years, it’s the welcoming and friendly attitudes of the volunteers that help make the day so successful.
Many of the participants involved were visiting the club for the first time, so providing this welcoming and inclusive environment will help ensure many of these participants come back time and again for some more bowls action.
Without the support of Stawell’s hard-working volunteers, this day and the many other programs the club runs would not be possible. Bowls is a sport that is very much run by volunteers, and recognition is sometimes something that isn’t always forthcoming.
Volunteers to run a program are often hard to come by, but the team of volunteers at Stawell BC was a testament to the idea that many hands make light work.
Well done to Stawell BC and the many volunteers who were on hand to assist at the 2015 Regional All Abilities Bowls day.