Bowlers Arm nationals – day one

by Team BV

The Armed Vics have stolen the march on day one of the National Bowlers Arm Championships in Adelaide and lead with 12 points over their main rivals NSW, who have 8 points, as they head into the day two pairs.

New players Lee Wesley, Terry Gilmore, Doug Corrigan and returned player Ann Power all performed well and the experienced members all stood up well, according to Arm Co-ordinator Phil Gude.
“It has been very trying conditions especially for new players and they have done a great job according to their skips,” he said.
“We expect Tuesday to be a hard fought affair that may well determine the final outcome with 32 points up for grabs. ”
Bowls Victoria Chief Executive Graeme Bridge said: “The side are acutely aware that they are playing for a place in the history books as they strive for the golden chalice – three Nationals in a row – and we wish them success.”
New faces have infused Victoria’s Bowlers Arm team as they search for three successive championships in the tournament at Tranmere Bowling Club in Adelaide.